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Tacketts Mill Farm

Black Sex Link/Black Star

A sex link chickenís gender can be determined at birth according to coloring.†† Males will have a white spot on their heads while females will not. As a result of their Barred Rock parentage, the gender of Black Sex Link/Black Star chicks can also be determined by the color of their feet.Pullets/hens will have black or dark feet as compared to the cockerels/roosters which will have no black on their feet.Also, we have found that the beaks of pullets will be darker than the beaks of cockerels.This is very similar to the sex linking coloration of the Barred Rocks, but a little more distinct and easier to determine.† Black Star is a hybrid breed selectively bred to produce large, brown eggs.It is a cross between two well known egg laying performers; the Barred Rock and the Rhode Island Red.The resulting chick grows large at maturity.The hens are renowned for their egg laying prowess.The rooster resembles his Barred Rock parentage and the hen is black with red/gold highlights on her breast.The black feathers have an iridescent green sheen to them in sunlight.They are calm, friendly and easily handled.They forage very well and make outstanding free-range birds.Both make good meat birds.The photo below is of one of my Black Star hens looking directly at the camera.You can clearly see her red/gold highlights.

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A day old Black Star female chick.† Note the color of her feet and lack of white spot on the head.

A day old Black Star female, foreground, and male behind her.† Note his feet color and white spot on his head.