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Tacketts Mill Farm

Preserving the American Heritage of Self Sufficiency�


We are a small family farm located in historic Stafford, Virginia, South of Washington, D.C. and just North of the city of Fredericksburg.� We are dedicated to preserving the heritage of self sufficiency through raising small amounts of livestock and growing our own vegetables and fruit trees.� Our historic farmhouse is located on Aquia Creek, a tributary of the Potomac River.�

We raise poultry (chickens and turkeys)� We are members of The Livestock Conservancy .� Our turkeys are heritage breeds.� Among our chickens are the heritage breed Barred Plymouth Rocks.� We also raise and breed the egg-laying Black Sex Link/Black Star hybrid chickens. Black Stars are renowned for their egg production.They lay lots of large, brown eggs.� When available, we sell fertilized chicken and turkey eggs for you to hatch at home.� We occasionally sell chicks and adult poultry for pick up at the farm.� All of our animals are raised humanely.�

Our pony up to his belly in deep snow.
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