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Tacketts Mill Farm

Our Vision; Preserving a Heritage of Self Sufficiency and Responsible Stewardship


Our farm is our home.  As such, it reflects our values and our vision of a sustainable future for our children and future generations.  We want to live more independently but take the realities of the local, national and global economies into full consideration.  Self sufficiency is our chosen approach to independence.  Our vision encompasses self sufficiency in growing our own subsistence and generating our power.  We have a vision of preservation of our American history and our agricultural independence from foreign sources of fuel and technology.  We embrace the Judaic-Christian values of our forefathers and the founders of our country.  We believe America is the greatest nation on earth and can only remain so by the grace of Almighty God, the sweat of our brows, the strength of our military, our technology and manufacturing capabilities.  We intend to influence our children and ultimately our national character to reflect our values.


Independence takes the form of independence from “fast food”, and mass produced/manufactured food products.  Much of our modern food production and transportation is reliant upon foreign fuel and foreign manufactured technology.  This dependence leaves us vulnerable to foreign influence.  The concept of dependence on foreign powers runs contrary to the values upon which our nation was founded.  We make a tiny dent in this dependence by growing our own food and by supporting other local farmers by buying meat and produce from each other.  That said, we still have to work in order to have enough income to support our family.  Our small five acre place cannot sustain us economically, not yet anyway.  Independence also means freedom from reliance on the power company.  We hope to include alternative energy production in the not-too-distant future.  There are certain things we cannot provide for ourselves and we are not prepared at this point to live without.  Telecommunications services; telephone, internet and television chiefly, must be purchased from providers.  Should the world situation degrade so badly that these services were no longer available we could live without them, but the sense of isolation that would accompany such a disaster would probably be offset by a requirement that we expend all of our energy to sustain ourselves by growing food, raising livestock and hunting/fishing for extra meat.  The overall goal is be at a point where we would be prepared to sustain ourselves, however basically, should such disasters befall us.  The example of Hurricane Katrina in our former home of Louisiana helped to bring us to a better understanding of why we did not want to be crowded amongst the city dwellers and unable to provide our own food and water in bad times.  Thankfully, we also do not live life as “survivalists”, certain that the sky is falling.  We place our trust and hopes in the hands of the Creator who has sustained us thus far through good times and bad, peacetime and war, lean years and full years.