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Tacketts Mill Farm

Our Poultry; Heritage and Hybrid Breeds for Self Sufficiency


We chose to raise poultry because of the limited space we have and because of the relative ease of keeping a small number of chickens.We enjoyed our chickens so much that we added turkeys.Then we added more breeds of chickens.Before we knew it we were hatching fertile eggs and breeding our own heritage Barred Rock chickens and hybrid Black Sex Links.Every step of the process is enjoyable.Since we started with laying hens, we can answer the age old question: What came first; the chicken or the egg?In our case it was the chicken.But we will happily sell you fertile eggs so you can start with eggs.Hens don�t need a rooster to lay eggs.They will lay regardless.If you want fertile eggs, however, you need a rooster.Once we got a rooster we started hatching our own chicks.We also bought fertile eggs from other reputable small breeders who have healthy lines of purebred chickens we wanted.